Relationship Counselling

All relationships go through times of difficulty and challenge.  Whether it be caused by our own growing and changing needs in our relationships or the outside pressures of being parents, being in the workforce, finances or even adjusting to new situations and children, there are always going to be times when we feel the strain on our closest relationships.

Relationship Counselling can be a great way to address some of those concerns in a safe way with guidance and support from a qualified counsellor.   A counsellor can help you to uncover the issues that may be blocking communication in your relationship, that may be causing you and your partner to drift apart.  Counselling can help you both to find the words to express what is hurting you or bothering you in your relationship and can facilitate a path towards resolving some of the big differences and conflicts that have emerged that are preventing you from having the connected and intimate relationship that you both want.

Relationship Counselling can also be a great support when dealing with grief, mental health concerns, or the effects of long term trauma for one or both parties in the relationship.

At Lakeside Family Counselling we welcome couples of any race or gender, same sex couples are welcomed in our service, and formal marriage is not seen as any sort of prerequisite for couple counselling.

Our counsellors have training in Family Systems Therapy, Gottman Couple Work, Emotion Focussed Couple Counselling and Schema Therapy for Couples.




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