Family Counselling

There are times when the only way to resolve family problems is to sit down together with a skilled, objective facilitator and talk it out.  Our counsellors will support your family in improving communication, finding ways to express difficult feelings and opinions, while providing safety and respect for everyone involved.

All family counselling is carefully considered and prepared, giving everyone in the family the opportunity to take part in the most appropriate way.  Lakeside Family Counselling is primarily informed by Family Systems Theory and Attachment Theory.  Clinicians are also well trained in childhood developmental theory and experienced in working with families going through separation and conflict.

Family counselling can be effective in some of the following situations:

  • Unhelpful and damaging patterns of relating have become habit.
  • Families experiencing significant losses.
  • New additions to families such as new step-parents and/or siblings.
  • Families experiencing separation and conflict.
  • Discovery of trauma or abuse within family.
  • Difficulties with parenting and behaviour difficulties with children.

Lakeside Family Counselling is sensitive to the complexities and safety issues related to working with families who have experience family violence, and can assure complete confidentiality around all counselling services.

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