Parenting Courses & Workshops

Lakeside Family Services offers a range of parenting courses at different times of the year designed for parents of all ages of children.

Most of our courses our based on the Tuning Into Kids approach to parenting, an evidence-based 6 week program that teaches parents an emotion coaching style of parenting.  The program focusses on the importance of teaching children emotional intelligence and resiliance, while supporting parents in developing their skills in paying attention to the emotional drivers behind their children’s behaviour rather than just reacting to bad behaviour.

The courses we offer are as follows:

Baby Steps To Parenting

This 4 week course assists parents to prepare for the arrival of their new baby, by considering issues related to how they are planning to parent, how they will share the parenting roles and increased workload, how to look after their relationship when the new baby arrives and a crash course in early child development.

New Beginnings

A 6 week course for new parents with children under the age of 6 months.  Babies are welcome. This course provides new parents (mums, dads or both) with a supportive group to explore the changes their new child has brought in their relationships and families, the changes in identity, the marvellous unfolding of their babies developmental growth and needs, ways to connect and play with their child, baby massage techniques and other ways to settle and soothe young babies.  The course also looks at self-care for parents and the importance parents health and emotional wellbeing for the child’s optimum development.

Tuning into Kids

A 6 week parenting course for parents of children aged 2 – 13 years.  Become your child’s emotion coach, teaching them how to express their emotion in positive ways and how to develop resiliance and emotional intelligence, so you and your family can communicate and connect for a happy and peaceful family home.

Tuning into Teens

A 6 week parenting course for the parents of teenagers that extends the concept of emotion focussed parenting into the teenage years looking specifically at the challenges of communicating and connecting with your young person.  It includes the latest research on the developmental stages of adolescence and brain development, and how this can impact on teenage behaviour.

Soul Parenting – Parenting for Single Parents

A 4 week course that covers the specific challenges of parenting as a single and/or separated parent.  Being a single parent brings a whole set of challenges that many of the more popular parenting courses fail to address.  This course is designed to offer supportive and creative approaches to meeting those challenges in the best way we can, and learning strategies to give our kids the best possible chance of a happy and  well adjusted childhood.


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